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He admitted that he had been looking at gay and bisexual porn and he was horrified that his wife had found out.He told me that he did not have sexual or romantic feelings toward other men, and he had shame around his interest in being sexual with men.Either way the men involved in cuckold fantasies need a woman to be involved or they are left cold.

Some argue these men are gay and/or bisexual and in denial—and some are.In the case of cuckolds, straight men have fantasies where their wives are having sex with another man either in their presence (or not), but with their knowledge.Other straight men fantasize and/or engage in sexual activity with another man’s female wife with the husband present and watching (or not), but with the husband’s knowledge.Jim would erase his computer’s history to avoid his wife’s discovering what he was looking at on the Internet.What he did not count on was that these sites were saved in the computer’s anti-virus software cache.

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But there are too many heterosexual men who enjoy the homoeroticism of another male present for various psychological reasons—none of which have to do with homosexuality.

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