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Untitled PAge|Old AJAX in .

It seems that adding the trigger in the Item Created event wasn't working. Grid View Details View 2 Linq Data Source Here is a very simple example that has a Grid View, Details View, and two Linq Data Sources, both of which point to the Northwind Products table.

But i kept getting error On Mode Changing, On Updating event not handled error.

Base Page is a custom class that subclasses the page class.

In there, I created a function Register Post Back Trigger so I can call it from my usercontrols, or my page. i extend my class to our webpage my isn't working.

btn Save is just a Button control inside my Details View. Do I have to use ATLAS or is there any fix I can use to make the AJAX work ?

When it's clicked, that's when I save the file to the server. Some of the pages in the web site use AJAX which was developed in .

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