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Nano Nets – A machine learning API Machine learning will change the way business is done, but, like databases, most companies don’t build their own from scratch.Nano Nets’ API makes it easy for any business to employ machine learning.This helps those suffering from incontinence to not pee when they don’t want to.The device can also target other conditions, like migraines, and comes with proprietary technology.Read more about Voodoo Manufacturing on Tech Crunch Volt Health – An electrical stimulation medical device Volt is an electrostimulation wearable to treat diseases like incontinence.The founder has already taken six medical devices to market, including the Cool Sculpting device that sold for billions.More than 15,000 founders from 7,200 startups applied to this batch of Y Combinator.

Yesterday we covered the first 52 startups from this YC batch and shared our top 7 picks for the most promising companies.

It’s already working with Nike, Microsoft, Verizon and Intel, and is on track to make 0,000 this quarter at a 65 percent margin.

Voodoo is looking to disrupt the billion plastic injection molding market, and grow it by making manufacturing as flexible as spinning up servers.

They just upload their data, wait 10 minutes for it to be analyzed, and add a few lines of code.

They can then start seeing results of automatic data mining via ML, such as being able to identify the brand of a shoe in photos.

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