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They are still rivals but also care for each other and are shocked by each other's deaths.When the Silver Crystal appeared, it returned the dead Jadeite, Nephirite, and Zoisite to life and returned Kunzite's memories of the past.Like the manga, they were the most loyal and devoted servants of Prince Endymion during the age of Silver Millennium, and they recovered these memories in Episode 10; only for Queen Beryl to brainwash them again.In the same episode, they are revealed to be the former lovers of the four inner Sailor Soldiers when they had followed their Princess to Earth.

When they were all possessed by Metalia's vast negative energy, they became evil and served Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom.Naoko claims she was thinking of the past lives of these lovers, which implies a possible love affair between the four inner Sailor Senshi and Shitennou in the past.However, only Kunzite's relationship with Sailor Venus and Jadeite's with Sailor Mars have canonical support and the issue is debated by fandom.They were originally the guardians of Prince Endymion, like the Inner Senshi to Princess Serenity.Suspicious of The Moon and its constant surveillance of Earth, they often argued with their prince about it.

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They then dissolved into stones bearing their name, as did Kunzite when he is later killed.

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