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Her Trump supporter date, a man by the name of Bryan Leib, who also happens to be the treasurer for the Philadelphia Young Republicans, spoke to Philadelphia’s According to Leib, the date had been going well until she asked who he voted for in the past election; when Leib revealed that he had voted for Trump, the date came to an abrupt close.

“She stopped in her tracks and said, ‘You know what, Bryan?

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Take for instance, the saga of a long-suffering woman who went on a date with a man she met on a dating app, only to discover that he was a Trump voter, something she found so unsavory that she had to end their date immediately.The lawmakers were not planning to meet Vladimir Putin. They were planning to meet civil society groups, possibly some of which are not in Putin's good graces. imposed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula.This is not the first time Russia has barred travel by members of Congress. In return, Russian banned then-Speaker John Bohner and then-Majority Leader Harry Reid.From the business end, Amazon actually has a greater ability to self-distribute than any other online retailer.So, a price change designed to hurt them would actually hurt their competitors more and would, in turn, lead to higher prices, less commerce, and fewer jobs.

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