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Apparently, this is not the first time when rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s personal lives have surfaced online.

As earlier reported by debunked the claims and after confirming from their sources, it reported that just like any other celebrities, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prefer to keep these kinds of matters private.

We, as Arabs, have to come an understanding with the other side and know what its demands are so that we can succeed in peace negotiation efforts.""Arab mentality must free itself from the heritage of Gamal Abdel Nasser and political Islam of both the Sunni and Shia sects, which has instilled for purely political interests the culture of hating Jews and denying their historic right in the region." We would like to say "Thank You"!

Thank you for your support, for your faithful friendship with us, our country and for your prayers, which have accompanied us through 2017.

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While Riyadh publicly decried Trump's announcement, the Saudi regime did not engage in long-winded rants against Israeli control over Jerusalem, prompting many to wonder where the oil-rich kingdom really stood on the issue.

In an interview on the US-based al-Hurra Arabic-language TV channel, Hakeem tried to clarify why Trump's decision actually met with muted acceptance, even some degree of appreciation, in Saudi Arabia: "The decision will prompt a positive shock towards moving the stagnant water surrounding negotiations.

Ce genre d'inventions aberrantes ne m'affecte en aucun cas.

Et pour finir, à la "presse", à tous les haters, trolls et consorts qui ont le jugement si rapide je vous souhaite sincèrement… Ceci dit et un peu plus sérieusement, je souhaite à Angelina et Brad, deux personnes pour qui j'ai un profond respect, de trouver la paix dans ce moment tumultueux. Marion A post shared by @marioncotillard on The alleged sources now revealed that Marion Cotillard and Princess Charlotte are very close friends, and after seeing Brad coming out from the emotional trauma after his separation with Angelina Jolie, the 42-year-old Cotillard was interested to help find his happiness.

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Je n'ai pas pour habitude de commenter ni de prendre au sérieux le tas d'absurdités déversées à mon sujet mais la situation prenant une telle tournure et affectant des gens que j'aime, je me dois de m'exprimer.

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