Dating a woman with pcos

I was on a low dose again, and had 32 mature eggs retrieved at pickup.

(apparently that is a high number), i also developed OHSS, don't know if that was due to the PCOS, or if that would have happened anyway..

None of the IUI's worked (3 attempts), so we then went to IVF.

Hi Ladies, Well, this morning I was diagnosed with PCOS.

I have always known that it was a strong possibility as my symptoms just fit, and I have already spoken to my Dr about starting clomid (he was planning on starting me on clomid regardless of whether or not I had PCOS, just to regulate my cycle). Also, I know women who have PCOS go on to have healthy happy children so it by no means a death sentence for fertility, but what are my chances?

)I also have a sister with PCOS who now thanks to Clomid has 2 DD's and conceived them quite easily. I came off the BCP in Nov 05 and didn't get AF back until April 06.

Had several blood tests and still no Dr could diagnose it was PCO.

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