Dating a japanese guy

They like feminine women Japanese men like women to be dressed in decent and respectable manner.Women who turn up in skimpy clothes or revealing costumes are looked down upon in Japanese culture which is still basically conservative.Most probably this could be your last chance since you might be embarrassing him if you do not accept the date.And the whole point of all the formality in Japanese culture is an effort to avoid embarrassment at all costs.If you don't hear from the guy at all for a long time or if he sounds as if he is just being polite, then treat him with the same polite formality.The relationship will come to an end without any complications.Japan is an amazing country in the way its culture incorporates both the ancient as well as the uber-advanced.

So a woman who swears and makes gross jokes around a Japanese man may be considered ill-mannered and unattractive.

Thus you may find your male Japanese friend behaving with some formality even in social or in casual settings.

This is not so much because he is not interested in you but because it is his way of treating a lady, or any acquaintance for that matter with respect.

Because of his shyness, your date may be nervous about making a move such as giving you a goodnight kiss or something more intimate and so he may not act at all.

Again, this trait should not be mistaken for his disinterest.

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