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Once a male finds a fertile female, he "stands behind her and looks like a statue," Bercovitch said.The female may choose to walk off, possibly to feed, but the male will follow her to stand behind her again, often with an erection the entire time.So it goes: “If I am the meat and you are the doorway / I bleed for the babies / You stand only for my pain / Are you humbled by it?” It’s about Passover, and they’re quickly walking me through why,...SB: I love the idea of the Borgias as ‘poster children’ for the Renaissance’s contrasts!What attracted you to them as a subject for fiction?[Most Mammals Take 21 Seconds to Pee] Female giraffes have a two-week estrous cycle, but are only fertile for a narrow window of fewer than four days during this period (this cycle will repeat until the female gets pregnant).

[See Cute Pictures of Baby Giraffes] It's unclear what qualities, if any, a female looks for in a mate.

Say what you will about the suits and the high rises and the Starbuckses proliferating Williamsburg and vampire-sucking out all its charm and affordability. When I got to Brooklyn the typical fantasies of Regular Status began.

So long as Saltie—the little Moby Dick-themed sandwich shop that could—is still open, the neighborhood hasn’t lost its ingenuity. At some point, I thought, I'd find my bar and I'd feel comfortable going there alone to read or write or chat and also to drink.

Like people, giraffes mate year-round, though there's some indication that breeding times correspond with periods of high food availability.

The tall ungulates live in a so-called fission-fusion society, in which the size and the composition of herds continually shift — the social mammals use this ever-changing society to find mates.

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