Boss and employee dating

She hasn’t been the easiest employee to manage: she’s a little flighty and forgetful, and not always as professional as I’d like her to be with our clients.

However, our clients adore her, and she brings a really unique skill set that’s helped us make a name for ourselves locally.

According to Sarah, Mary is extremely negative about me to the other employees, and the recent hire left because of what Mary has told her.But in my experience, when there’s smoke, there’s nearly always fire.That doesn’t mean you draw solid conclusions based on smoke, but it does mean that you need to take it seriously, assume there may be a real problem there, and do some serious investigating.Mostly small things, but I recently spent a morning of my first family vacation in two years dealing with a nonexistent staffing issue: Mary sent the other employees a frantic text claiming that I left the business unstaffed except for her, and one of them texted me to ask if she should go in.I was in a place without much cell reception, and spent a long time trying to get in touch with both Mary and the person I’d hired to fill in for me … I’ve been uneasy about this incident, because there was no good explanation, and Mary’s explanation (that she wasn’t sure what the replacement was supposed to be doing) didn’t make sense.

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