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Some examples of this might be: IMPORTANT NOTE: I have not personally verified all of these code keys.Also, closed date coding schemes may change over time.

if you need it quickly, food can be defrosted safely in the microwave, but check that there are no frozen lumps or cold spots in the middle.Foods can be stored in a correctly functioning freezer for a long time without going off, but it’s the quality that deteriorates over time.So it’s best to eat your frozen food within 3 to 6 months (but do check for any freezing instructions on the packaging).Frankly, when it comes to the potential dozens of products that would require deciphering their packing codes the entire process is a major nuisance.While it is better to have an encoded date than not to have one at all, it would be far better if processors would just use clear open dating and (best used by) so we wouldn't have to carry a book of code keys like covert agents every time we go to the grocery.

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