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So I ask your indulgence and try to overlook my spelling and grammatical errors.However please do let me know if you like or dislike the story. Although there was little traffic, being naked both scared and aroused her exhausted body.When she noticed the stilettos she had to say something. "What a slut, I wonder if she's fucking a student." Kim kept walking and hurried to her room. One thing to keep in mind, if you are being punished and break a rule, the next punishment is chosen by me.

She thought about just having them read, but there was a test coming up at the end of the week and she had to review the material. Today we are going to review for the test." Kim immediately had everyone's attention.Stepping out of the car she straightened her skirt and tucked her blouse in and walked to the door. After entering the school, Kim walked down the hall and past the main office.Her heels clicking echoed on the hard floors announcing her arrival.Just remember a couple things, one, this is a fantasy, there is no way you could or should get away with this at school. Sitting in the teacher's parking lot, she was surprised at the number of cars already there.Two no one should ever treat a person as the three amigos do to Kim, and three this story has acts that are degrading and perverted if this is not your interest move on. She grabbed her skirt and blouse and dressed without getting out of her car.

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Kim was standing at her desk and slowly opened a button on her skirt.

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