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XML validation is the cornerstone of good document authoring.The key to giving meaning to an XML document -- and the crux of validation -- lies in the set of constraints that governs that document, and in ensuring that those constraints are followed.What if he creates his own data structure, such as an array of strings to store the SSN and an array of integers to sto re the points ?In this case, I think SAX is a better choice, before this could save both memory and time as well, yet get the job done. What if what the instructor wants to do is not to print a list, but to save the original document back with the grade of each student updated ?A tree-based API is centered around a tree structure and therefore provides interfaces on components of a tree (which is a DOM document) such as Document interface, Node interface, Node List interface, Element interface, Attr interface and so on.By contrast, however, an event-based API provides interfaces on handlers.To turn on validation, you must request it explicitly.

For example, in a switch statement of C, if the switched variable gets some value, some 'case' will be taken and get executed.

The reason is that he has no way to know how much is the class average before the entire document gets processed.

What he probably need to do in his application, is first to look through all the students' points and compute the average, and then look through the document again and assign the final grade to each student by comparing the points he earned to the class average.

The following callback methods are provided in both of them (note, although callback methods are typically used in SAX parser as I mentioned before, Xerece J's DOMParser actually also provides most of these callback methods) Yes, of course, because the use of a DOM parser and a SAX parser is independent.

For example, if your application needs to work on two XML documents, and does different things on each document, you could use a DOM parser on one document and a SAX parser on another, and then combine the results or make the processings cooperate with each other.

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A SAXParser, however, is much more space efficient in case of big input document (because it creates no internal structure).

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