Are stassi and jax dating

He had actually bragged about it to Lisa because he knows that Lisa like everyone else has had doubts about Jax’s fidelity however he claims he’s a changed man.

He said he was committed to Brittany and everyone just hoped that he was.

But Scheana had told Katie that she hadn’t wanted her to be there and Katie had gotten upset by that.

He had also questioned every decision she had talked about at the site and so she didn’t see why she should put up with his behavior.

They’ve tried being friends for years now and Stassi still thought Scheana was a stuck-up b*tch that wasn’t putting in enough effort as much as she was. Stassi had gone with Katie and Schwartz to their date night and had stayed with Katie when Schwartz left to go to Scheana’s party.

But a lot of people on social media have been calling Stassi weird because she’s been acting like a permanent third wheel.

She said the sex had changed and that they were happy.

And so Stassi thought she and Katie both benefited from having a committed relationship.

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