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He blazed a trail for a new generation of punkish comic violence (such as The Young Ones) and politically engaged stand-up, that consigned to oblivion the old gag- merchants; he effectively silenced the humour of mothers-in-law, tits, arses, Pakis, micks and poofs.He describes his success with the Comedy Store halfway through the book.How had he fetched up in such a temple of bourgeois culture? It made me fond of them and want to kill them at the same time." When not meeting members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), whose HQ was a bookshop in Tufnell Park, Sayle spent his twenties in short-lived jobs: factory floor sweeper, civil servant, school dinner lady – and drug dealer.Discussing this involves the author in much wrestling with his conscience. He sells drugs, but does so at a financial loss to himself so that was OK. "It was only a bit of weed, a couple of tabs of acid, some Red Lebanese.I thought, 'Fucking hell, that's great, I'll have some of that.' And the idea of using philosophical references in sketches – that was a very Liverpool thing.You'd find old geezers in Merseyside pubs talking about Descartes.

He is very funny about his parents, his father a railwayman, his mother a Lithuanian Jewish lollipop lady, both hard-line Marxists who used to take the young Alexei to demonstrations and Trades Union conferences in seaside resorts. "I was in the Young Communist League for a bit when I was 16, and then became a Maoist, but that was like, youthful rebellion.There, a hundred chairs were arranged, cabaret-style, around tables facing a glittery curtain and a spotlight that illuminated a single microphone on its stand. A succession of laughter merchants, such as the funnymen who'd been appearing on Granada TV's gag-a-minute The Comedians through the 1970s?Frank Carson, Bernard Manning, Jim Bowen, Charlie Williams, Tom O'Connor, people like that?Alexei Sayle erupted on to the tiny stage like a foul-mouthed volcano, a fuming, unstoppable lava of vituperation, raining white-hot contempt on the audience's complacency, hypocrisy, political shallowness and moral bankruptcy. Word spread about the Comedy Store: about the quality of the stand-up acts who took their chance at the microphone (Paul Merton, Sandi Toksvig and Clive Anderson were early successes) and the fate of the hapless inadequates who were gonged-off if they incurred the crowd's disapproval; but mostly word spread about the force of nature in leather jacket and chinos that was Sayle.Even the London Review of Books, a publication that seldom condescended to follow modern trends in humour, came to check him out.

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His memoir of life in his twenties and early thirties, Thatcher Stole My Trousers, is full of self-accusation, pratfalls, memories of idiocy and delusion, all built up for comic effect.

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